Campers and RV's

Permits are required for your camper or RV. You can obtain your permit at the township building. Permits run in three year intervals and cost $10.00.

The township has an ordinance for special restrictions on campers. Some key points are listed on the application for a permit. We have been enforcing this ordinance and will continue to do so. No exemptions or grandfather clause exists, it also does not matter if it is a park model or very tiny.

Campers and RV's must be removed from empty lots between Dec. 16th and March 31st every year. Campers and RV's must be licensed and inspected to be legal for road travel. You must also be able to demonstrate that waste is disposed of properly.

Crime Watch

Crime watch meetings are the third Thursday of every month. Meetings are conducted at the North Shenango and South Shenango township buildings on alternation months. All are welcome to attend. For more information please call Bob Trautmann, (412)-223-6455



Most township roads have been posted with a 10 ton weight limit.  Truck traffic other than local use of delivery requires a bond.

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